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Help the Newton St Loe Conservation Group prevent the destruction of 202 acres of greenfield and farmland just outside of Bath city!

115 acres of Greenfield Farmland in Newton St Loe

Welcome to NSL Conservation We are a group of local people working to protect and conserve the pristine 18TH century village of Newton St Loe (NSL) and its surrounding environment.

The Group has been fighting plans to build 2000 homes on Duchy fields to the west of Twerton on farmland and Green Belt adjacent to Newton st Loe.

The BANES Core Strategy has now been approved. The overall housing requirement now proposed by the Council of around 13,000 dwellings for 2011-2029 has been found 'sound'.

In respect of the Newton St Loe fields (west of Twerton site) - The Inspectors report of June 2014 states that 'there is strong objection to identifying this location for potential development in the future because of the adverse impact on the setting of the World Heritage Site (WHS) and Green Belt purposes' (189)

We believe the government and Duchy should protect farmland and greenbelt - particularly for local food production, as climate change impacts on food security and the cost of food transportation globally
We want to protect the intergity of the WHS status and the unique setting of Bath and outlying villages. We also want to see the government prioritise and incentivise the use of brownfield sites to meet housing needs, as well as listed buildings, disused properties and industrial buildings.
Thank you fot helpig us to protect the land around NSL and the special setting of Bath!
Our Aims:
  • To conserve the village of Newton St Loe and its traditional English landscape/environs in order to best serve its community and visitors
  • To represent the views of villagers in NSL to the Government and the Duchy of Cornwall regarding objections to the Regional Spatial Strategy and the proposal to build 2000 houses on the green fields and farmlands adjacent to our village
  • To protect the green belt on the SW of Bath ‿It’s ecology, wildlife, farmlands and natural space
  • To promote the development of brown field sites and urban regeneration as a priority
More information:

B&NES closed the consultation deadline on the 15th of January 2010. Here are some of the responses to the Core Stratergy document:

English Heritage: “considers the spatial strategy is currently fundamentally flawed, particularly in relation to suggested locations for urban extensions to the City of Bath, and in its present state we would robustly challenge its soundness‿more >

Bath Preservation Trust: ‿/span>The two District-Wide Spatial Options fail to achieve the Council’s stated objective of regenerating brownfield sites ahead of greenfield development (‿ The Council’s preferred option for protecting the setting of the World Heritage Site fails to comply with the UNESCO operational guidelines‿ more

Corston Parish Council:
“considers that many of the objectives in the Core Strategy document are founded on flawed assumptions, contradictory and illogical and therefore unworthy of implementation‿ more >

Campaign for the Protection Rural England (CPRE): “We need to maintain the unique setting of Bath and avoid a sprawl into the surrounding countryside. We urgently need to progress with a Buffer Zone around Bath, the World Heritage Site‿more >

NSL Conservation Group: ‿/span>The solution being proposed of an urban extension is the most unacceptable to local residents. BANES need to review its planning constraints and revise its approach. It needs to prioritise Brownfield development, MOD sites, and maximise use of existing empty properties‿ more >

REVD DR CATHERINE SOURBUT Curate of Saltford, Corston and Newton St Loe: "The Duchy is clearly enthusiastic about the possibility of the huge financial gain to themselves if the proposed housing development goes ahead on this National Heritage site currently owned by them." more >

Natural England and the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE):
“The Green Belt is an important environmental resource that, managed effectively, can help tackle climate change, support wildlife and provide health and leisure opportunities for millions to enjoy.‿more >

Other Links and reference materials:
Saltford Environment Group:
Council for Protection of Rural England:
Save our Green Spaces:
Bath Preservation Trust (BPT):
RSS documents:
"Newbridge Matters", a blog from residents in Newbridge about their environment concerns with B&NES and Bath:

About Newton St Loe on Wikipedia:



JUNE 2014

The CORE STRATEGY has been changed so that the west of Twerton site, encompassing fields around Newton St Loe, is


in the housing development plans

NEWS: Representatives of NSL CG attended the Examination in Public for BANES Core Strategy in Janaury 2012. click here for B&NES



The NSL Conservation Group
NEW PODCAST: To learn some more about the history of Newton St Loe, you can listen to local villagers re-tell history in the below MP3 podcasts. Just press play to hear the story.

NSLCG comments on green belt to Examiner

NSLConservation Group's FINAL RESPONSE (.doc)
NSL Conservation Group's FINAL RESPONSE (.pdf)
Bath Preservation Trust's Response to B&NES (.doc)
Bath Preservation Trust's Response to B&NES (.pdf)
Corston Parish Council Response to B&NES Core Strategy (.doc)
Corston Parish Council Response to B&NES Core Strategy (.pdf)
Planning Advice Sheet (.doc)
Planning Advice Sheet (.pdf)
Comments Form (.doc)
Comments Form (.pdf)
Village Survey 2008 (.doc)
Village Survey 2008 (.pdf)
Questions to BANES Sheet (.doc)
Questions to BANES Sheet (.pdf)
Bath Responce to NSL Conservation Questions

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English Heritage: “considers the spatial strategy is currently fundamentally flawed
Friday 15th of January; B&NES closed the deadline for Core Strategy Consultation.
Friday 15th of January; Bath Preservation Trust "Slams" Core Strategy Document: Read More>
Thursday 7th January. Meeting at Village Hall Newton St Loe.
B&NES extend Core Strategy deadline to Jan 15th due to overwhelming public response.
Public Meeting in Corston village ‿3rd Nov 2009, 7.30pm Corston Church 14th Nov 10.00am Globe Inn ‿group photo for the campaign against the 2000 house build
Regular meetings to discuss and organise forward action
Letters from over 30 households sent to the Secretary of State and to the Prince of Wales
Letters sent to MPs and parliamentary candidates requesting transparency on their position re the RSS and Core strategy
Media coverage in Bath Chronicle/on Bath FM
Representations made on 1st Oct BANES special Council Meeting on the Core Strategy
Conducted village survey on residents opinions and concerns on RSS; Petition signed by over 110 residents. Both sent to GOSW for public consultation on RSS
Also sent to the Duchy of Cornwall/other bodies
Newton St Loe
Click here to watch the slide show of images that people have taken of the proposed greenfield site where B&NES are proposing the new housing development >